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Server Description
Damien_AgostinoDate: Sunday, 14 September 2008, 11:18 PM | Message # 1
Group: Administrators
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Hello there, I won't bullshit you, It's simple, we are making an SA-MP RolePlay Server, without bugs, and very well scripted.

-First of all, we still need people for Public Services such as, LSPD, LSMD [Medics/Firemen], FBI, and Taxi. If you want to lead one of these, please report to the correct forum and tell us why you want to lead the faction,your rp skills, and answer a couple of other questions.
-We are currently in the Closed BETA stage and still need testers and admininstrators, if you think you are good enough to be an tester or an admin, post on the forums.
-First 10 Players will get: Level 3 - 100k In their bank - A Customized Phone Number - A House
-Next 40 Players will get: Level 2 - 50k In their bank - A Customized Phone Number -

We will do our best to make you feel at home on our server, and will try everything to help you enjoy your life of roleplay!

More information:

Static Factions:
- Police Department
- Medical Department (Ambulances/Firemen ).
- Hitman Agency.
- CNN Studio. [Locked for now]

Leader System (Dynamic):
- Admin can appoint a player that will then Lead a Faction (of above).
- Leader can invite Civilians
- Leader can kick players out.
- Leader can assign Ranks to his Members.

Family System (Dynamic):
- This is done by the 4 Organisation Leaders (The Maronies, Yakuza, Illuminati, Zaibatsu Corp.).
- Players can check which families are created, and who's the Leader of it.
- Players can check which players are in a family.
- Leaders can Invite / Uninvite players or give them a Rank.

House System (Dynamic):
- A lot of new houses...
-Houses are now totally dynamic and can be made everywhere you want, But it will cost you ( Still working on )

Business System :
- Uses products instead of Components & Products.
- Owner name will be shown when entering the icon.
- Extortioner name will be shown when entering the icon.
- Level requirement active aswell.

Extortion System:
- Owners of a Business can assign a player as the business's extortioner.
- Owners of a Business can also delete the extortioner of their business.
- As soon a Business earns money, and it has an extortioner it will check if the extortioner is online and will give him 10% of the earnings the Business is about to get.

Karting System (Business):
- Located at the docks, and as soon 2 players or more are in a kart, there will be a message after 15 seconds that a race will start (Message will only be send who is in a kart).
- Automatictly ends the Kart Round after 4 minutes (Just some extra security).
- Checks whoever gets 1st / 2nd / 3rd.
- Checks if more then 2 people are still racing during a Kart Round, if not, the Round will be ended.

Paintball System (Business):
- Located in San Fierro, and as soon 2 players or more are in the Painball Arena, there will be a message after 15 seconds that a fight will start (Message will only be send who is in the area).
- Automatictly ends the Paintball Round after 4 minutes and will announce the Winner.

Radio System (For IC Use):
- Players can buy a radio from a 24/7 and set they're frequency. [1000-9999].
- Other players can join the Frequency your're in, and talk.
- You have batteries, which can be bought at the 24/7 if yours runs out.
- Players use /r to talk in their Channel.
- Private channels are avaliable ( Still working on )

Prison System (Area51):
- Cops can "deliver" players to Fort Demorgan (Area51) and that players is in jail for 1 hour at least.
- Players can't leave the Fort (Should be adjusted perhaps for more fun).
- National Guard (they were guarding the Fort in Godfather Server) can use the Security Building and use 6 cameras for activity.

Marriage System:
- Players can marry each other and share their House & Business.
- Players can divorce each other (One of them will have no House & Business).
- Players can propose to other players.
- Players need a witness in order to Marry.
- Players marry at the church in San Fierro.

Newpaper System (Dynamic):
- A maximum of 10 papers can be created.
- The Newspaper Faction can create a title and lines as a newspaper and it will be saved automaticly.
- Paper Boys can deliver created Newspapers at the Paper Building to players.
- Paper Boys & Newspaper Faction can check if there are any Newspapers.
- Players can read a Newspaper.

Skill System:

Job System:
- Scatterd around LS and SF their are several locations where Civilians can get a job.
- The Job information and name will be shown as soon you walk into the icon.
- You can only get a job if you don't have one yet.
- As soon you accept the job, you get a Job Contract, which you have to forfill for at least 1 hour untill you can quit it.
- When you have a Job, you have access to several commands.
Detective: /find.
Lawyer: /free.
Whore: /sex.
Drugs Dealer: /selldrugs.
Car Jacker: Jack any car & /dropcar (sell a car).
Car Mechanic: /repair /refill /duty.
Bodyguard: /guard.
Arms Dealer: /materials /sellgun.
Car Dealer: /sellcar.
Boxer: /boxstats /fight.
Paperboy: /papers /bring /deliver.

CK (Character Kill) System (Dynamic):
- There are only 10 spaces available, if full the CK can't be requested.
- Players can request a Character Kill on someone else, and must be accepted by an Admin.
- Admins can delete the CK out of the list if they don't agree.
- As soon an Admin allows a CK, the system will check if both those players are online.
- If the player kills the other player that he / she wanted to CK, that player is CK'd and can't login on that account anymore.
- If the player that is about to be CK'd, but kills the player that requested the CK, that player instead is CK'd and got pwned and has same result as above.

License System (An idea by someone on the Godfather Forum, thats why it's created this way, not my own way):
- License Faction can RP their lessons, and eventually give one of the Licenses available (Driving / Flying / Sailing / Fishing / Weapon).
- License Faction can start a lesson (Car / Plane) with a player so he / she can enter that vehicle (Else that vehicle is locked).
- License Faction can easily stop the lesson.

- Dynamic License System implemented, now you can take a test whenever you want to ( Still some issues )
- Cops / FBI / National Guard can take away players Licenses.
- Players can show their Licenses to other players.

Drinking System:
- Players can drink at several pubs and special places.
- Players can choose several things to drink.
- Drinks that contain alcohol can eventually get you drunk for a while.
- If a player is drunk, he will walk drunk every xx seconds (Can be adjusted if you like).
- If a player is drunk and drives the car will change position every xx seconds.

Boxing System:
- Players that have the Boxing job can fight against each other.
- It checks if the ring is not taken at the moment.
- If players win, they will earn Points in their Boxing Skill.
- Players can get several titles the more they fight (Can be adjusted if you like).
- Players can check how many fights they won & lost, and see who is the current champion.
- If a player beats the current champion, there will be a News Message that he's the new champion.
- As soon the champion will fight, the fight will be announced in a News Message and the waiting time for the round to begin will be 60 seconds (normally it's 20 seconds).

Service System:
- Players can call for a Taxi / Bus / Medic / Mechanic to help them out.
- System checks if the Faction that is being called, if anyone is on duty.
- Those Factions that can be called, can choose if they accept the call or not.
- As soon a call get's accepted, the accepter get's a checkpoint to the caller untill he reached that player.

Tie & Tazer System:
- In order to tie someone you need a Rope(You can buy it at a 24/7), and to untie someone you need a Knife(Avaliable at every 24/7).
- You can only Tie someone while both the players are in a car (Just RP the player in, point a gun or something).
- If the player that's being tied is tied for 3 minutes, the rope will get lose and the player is free.
- Only Cops can use the Tazing function.
- If a player get's tazed he will be stunned for x seconds + after effect (bit weird walking).

Taxi & Bus System:
- There is just one faction LSPT
- Busses can only use a static fare, that will be paid immediately when a player enters the bus.
- Bus Driver and the passenger will both get a message they paid, and how much.
- Taxi's can set a fare, that will be paid every xx seconds, since taxi's use a taxi meter in real life too.
- Fare and new fare increasing time will be shown on top of the screen.
- The total fare amount will be paid to the Taxi Driver as soon the passenger steps out.

Hit Contract System:
- Hitman Agency faction can use a portable computer to: See news / Get a contract / Assign a contract to a hitman (Rank needed) / Order a weapon package / Check the ranks of online Hitmen.
- Before a contract can be given to a Hitman, there needs to be searched for a contract (automaticly search).

Weapon Creation System:
- The Arms Dealer job can gather packages, that can later be transformed into Materials.
- With Materials Arms Dealers can create weapons, and sell them to players.

Fishing (An idea of Cops & Robbers):
- Checks if you have a fishing License or not, or you will commit a crime.
- Checks if you have caught to many fishes in to little time, since you can sell the fishes and players will do this all the time to get rich.
- Checks what Level your Fishing Skill is, based on this you can catch better fishes.
- You can see how many fishes you have caught and which.
- You can throw back your last caught fish.
- You can throw all your caught fishes away.
- You can release your last caught fish.

- You can cook several things, like fishes and stuff from the 24/7.
- You can see what you have cooked and how many space you have left.
- You can eat whatever you have cooked.

Ingame Mission Creating System (Dynamic):
- Works only if you are an Admin.
- Admins can easily save and load a new Mission.
- You can create text messages & Game text messages.
- You can save the coordinates where players need to go to.
- You can give a title to your Mission.
- You can give a reward to your Mission if a player succeeds to finish it.
- You can choose if the players will receive checkpoints, or not (If not then they really have to search and it's all based on RP).
- Players can only do a mission once, even if the mission get's reloaded, since the number of the mission get's saved into the players account.
- When a new Mission get's loaded, players can go to the Mission Building and start their Mission.

Premium Account System (Bonus Features for players):
- Your Interest Rate (for each PayDay payment) goes up.
- Your Gas Can (from /get fuel) will be saved into your account.
- You can block Whispers.
- You can turn your Phone on / off.
- You spawn with full health.
- You are able to get better house cars.
- If you die you will be able to get one time the weapons you had.
- Every 5 PayDay's you have you'll get an extra Respect Point.
- If you use /buylevel and you have more Respect Points then the level costs, you will get them back to advance youself to the process of the next level.
- On every PayDay, you will get your normal PayCheck, plus half of it as a Bonus.


* MySQL Integration - All player accounts and the stats associated with them are now stored in a MySQL database. This offers improved speed and manageability over the original storage method; and the possibility to add a control panel or external player management system. Anticheat bans and player logins are also logged in the database.
* Car Ownership - Most vehicles in the gamemode must be bought by players to drive. Once a vehicle belongs to a player, it is stored and allows them to /park the vehicle so it respawns in that position when the server is restarted.
* Realistic Economy - Unlike most roleplay servers, our script offers a realistic economy resembling real-world currency amounts. All currency transactions within the script are realistic and resemble real-world prices.
* House & Business Improvements - We've added/changed a lot of house and business locations, and their prices.
* Job Improvements - Jobs within the server have been improved to add content to the game. For example, the bus driver system places checkpoints along the route and informs players of the incoming bus if they are near a stop.
* Tested Licensing - Driving, flying and sailing licenses now require a test to be completed beforehand. Flying and sailing licenses have an automated physical test with checkpoints, and the driving test is a knowledge test (there's also a physical test too, but it's disabled).
* Anti-Cheat - The advanced anti-cheating system in the script ensures money and weapon hacking results in an account ban. The amount of money, the weapon ID spawned and the player's IP address are logged in the database for further investigation.
* And much more...

Forum » Annoucements » Announcements » Server Description
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