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[How-To]Promote Facking Roleplay!
Damien_AgostinoDate: Sunday, 14 September 2008, 9:53 AM | Message # 1
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Let me all of you first introduce this thread by telling you what it is.

Well, its just easy, Here i'll put a form so everyone can post on GTA/Gamers Forums to gather more players.

First lets start with the rules when using this form.


  • You cannot advertise Facking Roleplay in any San Andreas Multiplayer related, unobeying this rule will get you banned from this forum.
  • You cannot spam this form more than one time in the same forum

If you break any of this rules you will get a warning or worse, be banned from Facking Roleplay.


  • When you are using this form or advertising Facking Roleplay try to be respectfull and mature at all times.
  • Always try to help anyone asking anything related to the thread.
  • Try to use proper grammar.

If the people see you have some of this skills there will be more probability that they will look forward to join this community.

So now, you might be asking yourself, Where can i post this then?!?

Thats simple, any gamer disscussion forum( Not related with a server, That is totally illegal and it will only get you banned from there and here ) will do.

I googled GTA Forum and found thousands of GTA ( Not SA:MP ) forums...Here's the link http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=GTA+Forum&meta=.

Any forum like that will help so much to get Facking Roleplay promoted and oviously get more players.

Well here's the form to use.


First of, all the Facking Roleplay players are very glad you're actually reading this, we're very glad to have you here.
[b]Welcome to Facking Roleplay.[/b]

So lets get started.
[b]What is Facking Roleplay?[/b]
This is easy, we are a San Andreas Multiplayer community that is actually growing.
[b]What do we act/do in that Facking RolePlay thing?[/b]
We are a very strange RolePlay, which is PvP RP (( Player versus Player RolePlay ))
PvP RP is a way more fun for the RolePlay gaming, you play realistic but more fun.

NOTE: DM'ing(Deathmatching) on this server is NOT allowed, you might say, " WOW WTF SOMEONE KILLED ME, HE'S DEATHMATCHING ", There are many reasons to kill in this server, but they always do it for In-Character purposes.

DeathMatch is so different from PvP, DM is killing everyone you see around while PvP Kills are In-Character reasons.

One of the most frequently reason to kill is being in a family, the gang activity in Facking Roleplay is VERY active, if you have been attacked by gang activities do not search for admins ssaying he killed you, Better /call 911 and the Law Enforcement will resolve it.

[quote]PvP conflict is not limited to lethal combat - in LARP it might include theft, social one-up-manship, political maneuvering, economic domination, or even romantic affairs. Still, the most direct and unambiguous PvP conflict is combat.[/quote]

Not always is kill, you can RP and have more fun.

Alright, so we explained what the server game play is, now lets start with a little guide to succeed in Facking Roleplay.

[b]How do I play on Facking RolePlay?[/b]

1. Open your SA-MP program, Click the Add Server button. Copy and paste this into the field: [Not Opened Yet.]. The Facking RolePlay server should appear on your server list.

2. You will see a field that says Name: This is going to be your in-game name. Please use the format <firstname>_<last name> format if you dont want to get kicked. This is a roleplaying server, we use real names.

3. Once you've got your name in, make sure the server is selected and Connect to the server. Once everything is loaded you are probably staring at a selection screen. We're going to ignore that for now. You will need to press `, T, or F6 to bring up the chatbox in the game. Assuming the name you have put in the SA MP server window isn't taken, you will need to register your account now. As it is listed on the screen, you will need to choose a password for this account. To register type in /register [password]. If the system accepts the password you will see a message saying that your account has been registered and that you will need to log in. To log in type: /login [password]. On your initial login you will be asked a series of questions:

(These are for RolePlay purposes only)
First it is going to ask if you are Male or Female. Enter your gender.
Second it is going to ask your date of birth. Enter that in with a mm/dd/yyyy format (Month, Day, Year).
Third it is going to ask your origin. Type your desicion.

Then some rules will appear, all those rules must be followed to avoid a ban.

[b]How to get a job?[/b]

This is very easy because we've implemented a Job Help System, to open this system write /jobhelp.
Select your job desicion, then write the job with a / at first.
A Checkpoint should appear, follow the checkpoint and type /join, then /accept job, you will get one hour contract.
If you want to quit your job write /quitjob.

[b]How to meet people?[/b]

The easiest way is to join a Faction/Family, else the families are dangerous, they have organized crime and they can be wanted by the Law Enforcement or any other Family.
If you have been raped/kiddnaped/killed by a player please do not spam /report saying he killed/blabla you, try to RolePlay it and /call 911, the Law Enforcement should take care of it.

So actually we all the people from Facking Roleplay thank you for helping to promote the server and if you use this in any place, pleaase leave a post with the link so we can help out.

Forum » General » General Discussions » [How-To]Promote Facking Roleplay! (Click to find out.)
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