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Newbie's Guide. - Forum

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Forum » General » Newbie Forum » Newbie's Guide. (A help out guide for new players.)
Newbie's Guide.
Damien_AgostinoDate: Sunday, 14 September 2008, 10:00 AM | Message # 1
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First of, i'm very glad you've come to our forums, we're glad to have you here.
Welcome to Facking RolePlay.

How do I get the game installed so I can play?

1. Open your SA-MP program, Click the Add Server button. Copy and paste this into the field: Facking RolePlay server should appear on your server list.

2. You will see a field that says Name: This is going to be your in-game name. Please use the format <firstname>_<last name> format if you dont want to get kicked. This is a roleplaying server, we use real names.

3. Once you've got your name in, make sure the server is selected and Connect to the server. Once everything is loaded you are probably staring at a selection screen. We're going to ignore that for now. You will need to press `, T, or F6 to bring up the chatbox in the game. Assuming the name you have put in the SA MP server window isn't taken, you will need to register your account now. As it is listed on the screen, you will need to choose a password for this account. To register type in /register [password]. If the system accepts the password you will see a message saying that your account has been registered and that you will need to log in. To log in type: /login [password]. On your initial login you will be asked a series of questions:

(These are for RolePlay purposes only)
First it is going to ask if you are Male or Female. Enter your gender.
Second it is going to ask your date of birth. Enter that in with a mm/dd/yyyy format (Month, Day, Year).
Third it is going to ask your origin. Type your desicion.

Then some rules will appear, all those rules must be followed to avoid a ban.

How to get a job?

This is very easy because we've implemented a Job Help System, to open this system write /jobhelp.
Select your job desicion, then write the job with a / at first.
A Checkpoint should appear, follow the checkpoint and type /join, then /accept job, you will get one hour contract.
If you want to quit your job write /quitjob.

How to meet people?

The easiest way is to join a Faction/Family, else the families are dangerous, they have organized crime and they can be wanted by the Law Enforcement or any other Family.
If you have been raped/kiddnaped/killed by a player please do not spam /report saying he killed you, try to RolePlay it and /call 911, the Law Enforcement should take care of it.

What is the server game play?

This is a RolePlay PvP(Player Vs. Player).

What is PvP?

Player vs player, or PvP, is competitive interaction within a game between two or more live participants. This is in contrast to games where players compete against computer controlled opponent, which is similarly referred to as Player versus environment (PvE) or player versus monster (PvM). PvP is a type of combat in MMORPGs, MUDs and other computer role-playing games (CRPGs), putting one player's 'skill' against another's.

PvP can be broadly used to describe any game, or aspect of a game, where players compete against each other. This can include entire gaming genres, such as first-person shooters or real-time strategy games, or can be limited to an optional part of an otherwise PvE game. In computer role-playing games, PvP is often called player killing or PKing. PKing has taken on a negative tone as it is used almost entirely in cases where the combat was not consensual. The term PvP, and to a lesser extent PKing, has also been adopted in discussions about traditional role-playing games and live-action gaming, with approximately the same meaning.[

Live action role-playing games (LARPs) have always featured player versus player conflicts, partly because even in PvM games the monsters are played by other players ('monster crew') rather than by GMs/referees/computers, partly because there is little a human referee can do to prevent one player-character attacking another player-character (apart from asking 'please don't do this'), and partly because it is often considered that another free-willed player is a more worthy opponent than an NPC whose background, choices and abilities may be determined by a plotwriter.

PvP conflict is not limited to lethal combat - in LARP it might include theft, social one-up-manship, political maneuvering, economic domination, or even romantic affairs. Still, the most direct and unambiguous PvP conflict is combat.

While there are a few LARP (or LARP-like) games whose primary focus is on killing other PCs, a lot of LARP gaming styles do not look fondly on unmotivated killings, or players who abandon any kind of characterisation but simply look for opportunities to kill monsters and characters, as might be normal in some CRPGs.

Some few LARP's ban player-killing outright. Many games have a stronger focus on PvM than PvP play, and social conventions deter (for example) the killing of a low-level character by a high-level character, at least without considerable provocation. Some LARPs, especially the larger ones, make complex PvP a principle element of the game.

PvP can be an advantage in LARP, especially large-scale LARP (hundreds of players or more) since it reduces the need for monster crew and plotwriting, and can enhance the sense of fair play, as well as produce a wider variety of opponents than a small plotwriting team could easily create. However, it can be hard to maintain PVP alongside some kinds of PvM plot. (For example, if the end of the world is at stake, the rational strategy is to temporarily ally with your enemies until the threat is over.)

The term PVP has been gaining adoption in LARP circles with the rise of internet-based discussion groups.

Tabletop roleplaying games have also often featured PvP action. These are usually considered a reasonable part of play so long as the fight is based on in-character reasons. Kills done in vengeance for kills made for in-character reasons are usually considered unfair. PvP conflict of a nonviolent sort is considered incidental to play. Clashing characters often increase the chance for in-depth roleplay. It is only when this leads to the death of a character that it causes trouble. Games are often written so player characters will not be unbalanced.

How to play on a PvP RP?

This is simple, PvP RP is a way more fun for the RolePlay gaming, you play realistic but more fun.

DM'ing on this server might continued, but they always do it for In-Character purposes.

As you might read above PvP

PvP conflict is not limited to lethal combat - in LARP it might include theft, social one-up-manship, political maneuvering, economic domination, or even romantic affairs. Still, the most direct and unambiguous PvP conflict is combat.

Not always is kill, you can RP and have more fun.

This guide is not finished, it will be updated.

Forum » General » Newbie Forum » Newbie's Guide. (A help out guide for new players.)
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