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Facking Roleplay

Facking Roleplay - Rules/Information - Forum

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Forum » General » Newbie Forum » Facking Roleplay - Rules/Information (Everything you need to know here.)
Facking Roleplay - Rules/Information
Damien_AgostinoDate: Sunday, 14 September 2008, 9:29 AM | Message # 1
Group: Administrators
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  • OOC / IC


Do not Cheat/Hack
Do not try to find/exploit bugs in our server/mode.
Only English in OOC and IC, use /pm ID to speak in other languages.
Do not steal police or medic vehicles.
Do not steal family choppers.
Do not use family classes(skins)
Do not annoy other people in the ooc/ic chat.
Do not ruin roleplays.
Do not driveby as driver. Only passengers can.
Use roleplay names, Firstname_Lastname
Do not use DUAL guns
Do not steal familycars without a proper reason.
Don't go down to the PD garage/loiter by the PD.
Do not bunnyhop. This is a rather new rule I'm putting it in so you don't get surprised. Jumping to get somewhere faster is not realistic. Don't do it. It will get you fined by the admins.


No flaming, insulting others.
No hijacking threads - posting off-topic.
If you have a question, search first before posting, it may be answered already.
No blatant advertising.
No spamming.
English posts only - for foreign languages, use the appropriate forum.
Keep the size of signatures respectable. No huge images.
Read the specific forum rules before posting. (Located at the top of the forum, in red.)
Do NOT post in the "wrongly banned" section unless you have vital information to say, or posting an unban appeal.
No posting to warez, wether that be through a search engine or not
Breaking Forum rules will end in a temporarily or permanently ban. If very bad, a server ban aswell.
Admin instructions are final, regardless of if they are stated in the rules.


IC - In Character
This is a RP (RolePlay)server, normally you are not just a person sitting at your computer playing a game to see how many kills you can get. You play a character and try and emulate life (loosely of course, we don't all have guns in real life). If you want to speak IC there are a few different ways to do it.

To speak to other characters nearby you just typing normally without any command, or by using "/l <Message>"(when on a phone)

To advertise by using "/ad <Message>" (This will result in a green line going to all players as an advert for you to sell things, arrange parties etc etc) This costs money, to see the current price type /ad.

To whisper other characters nearby so only that person hears you is done via "/w [ID] <Message>". (Other characters will know you have whispered the other person, but not what you have whispered)

To shout out us "/s <Message>" This extends the range of which you can normally be heard (don't use /s all the time though)

OOC - Out Of Character
OOC is used when you are not RPing, when you, as a person sitting at home/work want to talk to others NOT YOUR CHARACTER. Again there are a few ways to do this.

Local OOC is done by typing "/b <Message>" this will send a message to players around you, but will include ((Message))

Global OOC (server wide OOC) is done by simply doing "/o <Message>" The colour of the text for any type of OOC is a different colour, and includes the double brackets to identify it as OOC. This chat is often turned off by the admins to prevent spam.

So, the basic rule is, if it's your character saying something use an IC method, if it's you as a person, use an OOC method. Can be tricky to get used to but it helps the RP along.

NOTE - do not use OOC information for IC purposes.
What this means, is you don't come charging in to help a friend if he PMs you he got stopped by the police. Also don’t stalk someone for something he said on IRC/wrote on the forums.


A powergamer is a player who tries to force others to participate in role-playing they don't want to engage in. For instance, a player who unilaterally describes his character as doing something with (or to) another character that would usually require the other to play along, such as having a fight or a sexual encounter, is considered to be powergaming

Example: James_Reef hits XXX_YYY in the face making him faint.
To avoid powergaming, this should be said like this: Paul_Reed throws a punch at XXX_YYY's face.

As you can see the second example gives the 'victim'a chance to react like this: XXX_YYY dodges the blow.


You can type /at [text]. It will look like: James_Reef attempts to hit XXX_YYY in the face to make him faint.

/at gives adds "attempts to" to your message, so the player has a chance to react.

Forum » General » Newbie Forum » Facking Roleplay - Rules/Information (Everything you need to know here.)
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