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Forum » General » Newbie Forum » Roleplaying Tips (A few tips.)
Roleplaying Tips
Damien_AgostinoDate: Sunday, 14 September 2008, 9:40 AM | Message # 1
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If you handle strictly through these rules: You can RolePlay!

  • While using /ad , please make a realistic advertisement. Compare it to a one you would do in the real life. Obviously you wouldn't post an ad "Buying toys" in the newspaper , with the intention to get real weapons. Maybe you would be lucky and get some grannys to call you, selling their grandchildren toy soldiers.

  • Don't kill someone for fun. It is Deathmatching, and you will get banned for it.

  • Also don't ram other cars, just for fun either. This is very unrealistic and is classified as non-rp.

  • Drive normally, unless you really have a reason to ride on the wrong side of the road. Lets say the police is chasing you, then yes, take the shortcuts/whatever if you need to.

  • Don't piss the cops off just to get chased if you are bored. Chase provoking, its kind of non-rp as well.

  • If you decide to pull out a weapon from somewhere , PLEASE do at least a /me command , where you describe your action.
    For example, /me suddenly pulls out his deagle from his jacket's pocket.
    And use it wisely, you can't possibly hold a shotgun under your shorts or pocket!

  • Try to roleplay your job at your best. I mean, don't walk around on the streets and ask all the people if they need weapons or drugs. Play it more realistic. Have a conversation with a person, maybe if he is interested, take him to an alley - whatever, you roleplay it.

  • If you're a mafia member, or a normal civilian, don't start to shoot at the cops for doing a simple pull over. You won't find people like that in a mafia, they like to keep for themselfs and have a really low profile, only caring for business and their own wealth.

  • Instead of working alone and robbing every guy you see, try to establish connections with other people, creating a small friendship, and roleplay with each other.

  • Lay off with the caps and the unneccesary insults and disrespect, people are perftectly capable to talk to you in a mature way. Treat one as you yourself want to be treated. IF everyone understands that, there wouldn't be any unneccesary OOC frustration.

If you use those guidelines, it would be highly appreciated. You will also become a better roleplayer.

Forum » General » Newbie Forum » Roleplaying Tips (A few tips.)
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